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Experience ultimate noise reduction with our InvisaBuds! These innovative clear ear plugs are made from super soft, flexible silicone and are designed to provide comfortable, reusable hearing protection. Protect your hearing without sacrificing comfort and style with InvisaBuds!

Experience the wonders of InvisaBuds!
  • A Expert Noise Reduction: Reduces noise by 26dB with an NRR of 14, resulting in decreased distractions and improved concentration and relaxation.
  • Crystal Clear Design: Invisabuds are designed to be almost invisible, blending seamlessly with your ears, making them perfect for discreet use in public spaces or at work.
  • Ultra-Comfortable Fit: Comes with 8 different ear tips in sizes XS, S, M, and L, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for any ear 
  • InvisaBuds are specifically designed to protect your hearing by reducing harmful noise levels and eliminating distractions. However, they do not cancel out noise. 
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Be Crazy With Invisabuds

Experience superior sound protection with Invisabuds and let your adventurous side roam free! With advanced noise reduction and comfort, Invisabuds ensure your ears are safe while you embrace every thrill. So go ahead, unleash your spirit with Invisabuds and dive into your next adventure!

Why Choose Invisabuds

Deep Sleep
Block out noise for uninterrupted sleep
Move freely with comfortable earbuds
Enjoy all-day comfort with sleek design